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Being on Hiatus for a loooong time

I might delete most of the old works (so if u like some, better download them just in case), or create a new account.
I just feel like I'm stuck with this account, like I coudn't draw what I want but what other want and ask and plead, plead, plead me to draw. I hate the pressure..
One can wonder why I haven't really liked to draw almost anything..

I'll see you around, maybe


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loves old cartoons
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Okay kids, when I have the interest and time, I'll change my gallery a bit, add some pics maybe, but mostly play around with gallery folders. Be warned.

Night time, best time for ideas & drawing~

Personal Quote: "Rest is the best friend of imagination!" should remember that sometimes...
Got tagged by :iconthe-chook:

Rules~ must post these rules. 
2.each person must post 5 things about themseves in their post
3.answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you have tagged to answer have to choose people you tag and post their icons in your journal tag backs

The terrifying 5 things about me (or going to do damdidam)
1. I've been quite productive with art these past years, but haven't had time or patience for scanning them
2. Scanning and making the colors somewhat watchable takes at least 2 hours, sometimes more.
3. I'm going to update my gallery, with new works and I'll arrange galleries some more to my liking
4. When friends/relatives ask for help with something "small" I put down the thing I'm working with and help them, but that usually means I won't be having time/interest with the thing I was working on earlier -> Lot's of "work in progress" around mah home
5. When I get a decent job and have some extra cash, I'll either buy a lizard or a snake (tho my mum said she'll never ever visit me if I get one..)

Answers to the Chook's questions:
1. What genre of movies you prefer the most?
-- Mostly fantasy and animations, oh and vampire movies (no, NOT that movie series, urrgh sparkling is terrifying)

2. If you could live in any fantasy world, which would you pick?
-- Ooh, this is a tough one..
    In tv/movie fantasy world: Harry Potter, yes that would be my favourite! (tho DragonHeart, Narnia & Ronja Ryövärintytär, X-men, Digimon (the first ones), Spirited Away are good too)
    In animation fantasy world: The Moomins, Gargoyles (tv-series), Hotel Transylvania or KungFu Panda
    In game fantasy world: The Moomins and The Magician's Hat, or The Moomins and The Invisible Child, or maybe KH, so I could travel all around disney worlds, or Digimon again

3. If you could meet anyone you want (alright, lets make it alive or dead) who would that be?
-- Jeremy Brett, just to discuss with him, he's the one and only Sherlock Holmes for me
  or Clint Eastwood, for Eastwood has been my favourite actor since childhood, thank you granpa for showing me all those westers :hug:

4. Your favorite fictional superhero?
-- Urgh there's just so many of them...
    Superhero: Hellboy, Wolverine, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Dr Manhattan, Riddick ... ...
    Superheroine: Catwoman, Rogue, Jubilee, Cheetara ... ...
    "Normal human": Zorro, Kit Carson & Tex Willer

5. A band/artist you regret never seeing live / really wish to see in concert:
-- Gorillaz, Judas Priest, Turisas, Black Sabbath, Metallica.... lista vain jatkuuuuuuuuuuu

My questions:
1. What do you like the most in your country? (weather, stores ect)
2. Hate the most?
3. Favourite Disney/DreamWorks/Pixar jne. movie? (cartoon or not)
4. What do you think when you read the word "Gnome"?
5. Ever seen the real Northern Lights? (not in tv/internet or photo)

And it's tagging time again :D
I'll tag these poor unfortunate souls:
:iconcanadian-rainwater: :iconernunoob: :iconrikanen: :iconkisekisan: :iconjennipal18: :iconmindriann: :iconpahgiz:

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Studio Ghibli Stamp 14 by FlusjaaHowl's Castle Stamp 41 by FlusjaaStudio Ghibli Stamp 22 by Flusjaa
Studio Ghibli Stamp 21 by FlusjaaHowl's Castle Stamp 43 by FlusjaaStudio Ghibli Stamp 44 by Flusjaa
Studio Ghibli Stamp 30 by FlusjaaStudio Ghibli Stamp 31 by FlusjaaStudio Ghibli Stamp 42 by Flusjaa
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